Crystal Chakra Essences

$ 6.75

Crystal Chakra Essences are intended to balance, harmonize and clear the chakras. The seven main chakras, energy centers, are located in the center of the body from the base of the spine to the top of the head, root to crown. Each chakra correlates to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being of its location on the body and in the energy field of the individual.  Comes in an 0.5oz, 1oz and 2oz.

Crown - top of head - connection to spirit and source, I am presence.

Third Eye- pineal gland center of head - vision, clarity, intuition.

Throat - throat - expression, communication.

Heart - heart - love, compassion.

Solar - solar plexus - relating to world, will, power.

Sacral - reproductive are - intimacy, connection, emotion, pleasure.

Root - base of spine - family, tribe, sense of belonging, supported.

All in one - combination of all the above.